Corporate governance

  О2ТV television channel does its utmost to develop and maintain a high level of corporate governance, and remains committed to an information policy based on openness and transparency.
  The main principles in the company’s corporate governance policy include:
  • transparency of all business processes for partners and investors;
  • dynamic and highly-skilled management;
  • coherency in all decisions;
  • maximum accessibiity and prompt provision of information;
  • willingness to change and improve all areas of corporate governance, as well as relations with clients, partners, state authorities, shareholders and employees.
  The company’s main governing bodies are – the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the CEO.
  The organizational structure hinges on the principle of day-to-day management which focuses on key business areas, while line managers have the authority to deal with all issues in their respective departments.
  The principles and procedures of О2ТV’s corporate governance are laid down in the Charter.